We've Moved!

Our new youth center and headquarters is located at 1911 Church St. in Evanston, IL.

Take a virtual tour of our new building, led by Brezah!

"We look forward to the exciting new energy that Y.O.U. will bring to the 5th Ward and especially to Church and Dodge." 

— Alderman Delores Holmes

Our new building at 1911 Church Street in Evanston offers transformational spaces for youth development activities, mental health counseling, and community gatherings. As well, the building will include office spaces where Y.O.U.’s dedicated staff can come together. Here’s a snapshot of some of the spaces inside:

tl_files/youevanston/images/Site Images/Maker_lab.png Maker Lab 
Our youth are innovators, artists, and engineers. In our maker lab, they’ll have the tools they need to build, design, and make. Whether it’s film-editing software, a 3-D printer, or circuit boards, youth will have everything they need to become master creators.
tl_files/youevanston/images/Site Images/Kitchen.png Demonstration Kitchen
Nothing brings people together like cooking and sharing a meal. In our kitchen, youth have access to commercial-grade facilities as they learn to make healthy choices, explore other cultures through food, and create lasting bonds.
tl_files/youevanston/images/Site Images/garden.png
Teaching Garden
Being in green spaces offers multiple educational and health benefits for youth. Our teaching garden offers youth the opportunity to learn about scientific concepts like photosynthesis, explore eco-friendly activities like composting, and grow and harvest their own vegetables and fruits to be used in the demonstration kitchen.
tl_files/youevanston/images/Site Images/Multipurpose.png
Gathering Room
Our central gathering room is a place to build community, where youth, parents, staff, and community members can join together in learning and celebration. The multi-purpose room is also open for partners to reserve and embodies the spirit of collaboration at the heart of Y.O.U.’s program model.


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